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Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Faculty
Mr. V Ramasubbaiah
Head of the Department, Assistant Professor
Education          : B.Tech, M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
Email                : ramasubbaiah@rguktrkv.ac.in
Areas of Interest : Chemical Reaction Enginering, Soil BioTechnology
Ms. DSVJP Koteswari M
Assistant Professor
Education          :
Email                : hodchem@rguktrkv.ac.in
Dr. Vivek Kumar
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech, Ph.D (IIT Kharagpur)
Email                : vivekkumar@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. R. Lakshmana Naik
Assistant Professor
Education          : B.Tech, M.Tech (IIT Madras)
Email                : lakshman@rguktrkv.ac.in
Areas of Interest : Nano materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (Fuel Cells and Batteries), Air separation, Waste water treatment, Electrocatalysis, Carbon nanotubes for electrocatalytic application-Catalysis